Chilcot Inquiry panel find witnesses ‘lacking in razzle-dazzle’ since last Friday

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr Chilcot

The five members of the Chilcot Inquiry panel have spoken of their ‘disappointment’ at the poor star quality of witnesses appearing this week.

‘Since that nice Mr Blair came along last Friday and gave us the old hocus pocus, we’re just begging for more,’ said Baroness Usha Prashar. ‘We had some tedious woman called Clare Short in today going on about that bloody war again. There wasn’t a sequin on her.’

Sir Roderick Lyne, under whose intense questioning Mr Blair was forced to give ’em the old flim flam flummox, agreed that the witnesses who have appeared after the former prime minister have seemed ‘lacking in razzle-dazzle’. ‘That Mr Blair really gave us the old three-ring circus, and we really lapped it up,’ Sir Roderick said. ‘Give me another six hours of that big bamboozler over Sir Jock Stirrup banging on about military strategy any day of the week.’

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