EU puts Greece up for sale on eBay

What a bargain

The European Union has moved to avoid an imminent currency crisis in the eurozone by putting Greece up for sale on the auction website eBay.

The surprise move has allayed fears on the international money markets and bidding has been fierce, with several anonymous bidders  competing to win the Mediterranean country, whose price tag currently stands at £155.60.

The Turkish government has hinted that it is one of the bidders. ‘We’ve had our eye on an extension to the west for a while,’ said Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. ‘But we spent quite a lot over Christmas on DVDs and a couple of bits of gym equipment, so we won’t bid too much on this one.’

The British Museum is also said to be interested in acquiring Greece to add to its collection. ‘They wouldn’t shut up about the Elgin Marbles,’ said Museum Director Neil MacGregor, ‘so if we win this, we can just squeeze the rest of Greece in to the galleries and everyone’s a winner.’

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