Cosmetics firms in crisis as woman questions science behind anti-wrinkle cream ad

What a load of old cobblers

Global cosmetics giant L’Oreal has admitted that it is ‘worried’ about its future after a woman in Peterborough reported being ‘unconvinced’ by the spurious science in a tv advert for anti-wrinkle cream.

The woman, known only as Customer A, was overheard in a local branch of Superdrug openly questioning whether L’Oreal’s latest anti-ageing product really did contain Scientifically-Proven Revivifying Serum and Natural Wrinkle Dermagenerating Mousse, as its latest ad claims.

The news comes just days after a 48-year-old single man in Portsmouth told a shop assistant in Tesco that he wasn’t entirely sure that buying a Gillette Fusion Power razor would necessarily give him the smoothest shave in the world, rippling abs or a sexy blonde to squeeze him from behind in the bathroom.

‘Only one or two freakishly clever women have ever questioned what Jane Fonda says about revitalift molecules in our ads before,’ said a L’Oreal spokesman. ‘This is going to cause some furrowed brows at corporate headquarters. Better get the Anti-Stress Ensmoothening Lotion out.’

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