ECB and Strauss in crisis talks over lack of sex scandal

The England and Wales Cricket Board has called an urgent meeting with captain Andrew Strauss over his future conduct.Sources say management are unhappy that Strauss has not upheld tradition and had a sordid sex scandal splashed in the tabloids.

‘He may be a good cricketer and a respected on field leader, but without a model, barmaid or actress describing his bedroom secrets in the papers, he’ll never make cricket sexy,’ said anxious board member.

Time is running out for Strauss, according to experts. ‘As a married man with two sons, he’s now in his prime for a scandal,’ said a sports analyst.

Publicist Danny McGee urged Strauss to up his game.  ‘If he’s going to make a real name for himself, now’s the time,’ he said.

AJ Blacker

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