Woman warns against clicking ‘I accept’ button on marriage website

women warned to be more careful in their lunch breaks

Debbie Sanders, 26, of Chatham, warned today against the dangers of a new web-based marriage service. ‘My boyfriend Jason had suggested trying it out, so I went online during my lunch break to see what was involved. I’d always hankered after a church wedding actually, or perhaps the Maldives, and picking the bridesmaids’ dresses and things, but nothing ventured…

‘When I clicked on the link, it said, ‘Do you want to run the Marriage Wizard?’ I had to click ‘Yes’ to continue, and then on the next screen, without thinking, I clicked on ‘I accept’. Well, no one ever reads the licence agreement, do they. The next thing I knew, it said the Wizard had completed the marriage and would I like to register for updates.’

Debbie said that Jason had pre-registered his acceptance and therefore the marriage was all legal. ‘I have to say it was a bit impersonal. The worst thing was ‘I accept': not even ‘I do’, or ‘I will’.
‘As for kissing and exchanging rings, that will have to wait because I’ve discovered Jason’s on his way to Amsterdam for his stag weekend. When I rang him he was at the airport, and he was well annoyed because I’d done him out of his last shag with someone else as a single man by signing up too early, unless I’d let him off in the circumstances.’

After printing and reviewing the detailed contract, Debbie found it went well beyond even the old ‘love, honour and obey’ vows. ‘You wouldn’t believe what services I’ve signed up to provide the sod,’ she said. ‘To have and to hold isn’t the half of it.’

Debbie said she was signing up for an online quickie divorce before Jason returned to consummate the marriage. ‘And I might just claim for his BMW and plasma TV in the licence agreement bit. It has to be worth a go.’

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