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Earthquake survivors attack ‘poor’ charity single

Simon Cowell’s star-studded version of ‘Everybody Hurts’ for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake is ‘poor, derivative and uninspired’ say Haitians.

In a statement released through the United Nations, they attack the obvious choice of material, the ‘dull and lifeless’ production and the inability of the millionaires to come up with an interesting slant on a well known song.

‘Cover versions should bring something different to the audience, with the Johnny Cash version of ‘Hurt’ by Nine Inch Nails the perfect example.’ The stahement says. ‘REM’s original still sounds fresher than this pile of rotting shite.’

Simon Cowell has hit back saying if that if the survivors do not stop their criticism he may be forced to send Jedward to perform a charity concert in Port au Prince.


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Posted: Feb 10th, 2010 by Guest

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