Man has ‘No regrets’ over creating Wikipedia self-entry

anyone could've done it

Jason Collins, a 32 year old car salesman from Solihul, has confirmed that creating his own Wikipedia entry to impresss his friends was an inspired move that is sure bring him fame and fortune. Collins said his initial entry ‘Summarised my life quite nicely. It said when and where I was born, talked about my parents and described himself as being ‘Recognised as an ambitious but grounded individual, certain to achieve much in life.’

‘When I showed it my friends they were quite impressed and they asked me who had created the entry, after all they said, you are hardly famous.’

‘I think my friends were surprised when I owned-up to creating it myself, and they assured me that it would be sure to attract attention and be added-to by Wikipedia readers.’

‘When I checked the very next day they had been proved right and from half a page it had grown to the extent that I needed to use my mouse to scroll to the bottom of the article.’

Collins says he ‘Is not entirely satisfied with the new content but feels unable to amend it as people have gone to so much trouble.’ The article now contains amendments such as ‘When Collins was at school he was the short smug bastard who fancied Miss Pritchard from the art department (no citation needed)’ and it also went on to declare that ‘Collins was so tight that he could peel and orange in his pocket’ and that ‘His wife has just ended a four year affair with one of his best friends, still at least the baby will not have ginger hair like Collins no-balls.’

‘My friends assure me that as more members of the public hear about me they will want to add to the article. It’s all very exciting really and I can’t wait for my ex-girlfriends to read it.’

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