1970s barmaid sues Sweeney for emotional distress

refusing to 'shut it'

Sandra Connor, a 58-year-old part-time clerical assistant from Dagenham, has made allegations to the Police Complaints Authority of sexist conduct on the part of two officers from the Metropolitan Police’s ‘Flying Squad’.

According to Connor, who was a buxom 22-year-old barmaid at the time, the incident occurred one night in April 1974, when Detective Inspector Regan and Seargent Carter raided the home of her then boyfriend, Frank Miller. Miller, a small-time crook from the East End of London, was suspected of leading a cigarette-smuggling ring.

‘Naturally I was stark naked,’ said Connor. ‘I woke up, sat bolt upright in bed with my breasts jiggling slightly and asked them what the hell they were doing.’

According to the complaint Regan and Carter then acted in a discriminatory way that caused Connor severe emotional trauma and leaving her too ill to continue dispensing pints of beer and risque banter, to wit:

1) Throwing her top contemptuously in her general direction

2) Inviting her to ‘shut it, love’

3) Dragging the still sleeping Miller from his bed and laughing at her attempts to fight them off while still holding a sheet in front of her pubic hair

4) Suggesting that she should get her knickers on and make them a cup of tea

‘This was grotesquely sexist,’ Connor said. ‘As if after all that they would somehow think I’d want to go down and make tea for them? I thought this kind of behaviour went out in, er, the ’80s.’

The Flying Squad itself declined to comment because the case is still in process. However, Regan and Carter told a reporter to shut it, adding that he was a tart, a nonce and a muppet and punched him in the face.


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