Giant Sheen still haunting US coastal waters

A looming and menacing presence is terrorising the West Coast of America. A 46-year old scuba-diver has become the latest person to fight off repeated attacks by a 6ft Great White Charlie Sheen. The diver struck Sheen on the nose with a speargun until he swam away.

The diver, Lenny Deveraux, says he had no idea Sheen – whose Latin name is Carlos Irwin Estevez – was coming at him until he felt the teeth of the ‘Platoon’ and ‘Wall Street’ star sink into his thigh.

‘He came from out of nowhere, slammed into my right side and dragged me for about three metres,’ said Mr Deveraux, ‘I vaguely recognised him, and under different circumstances I’d have asked for an autograph. In the end I just punched him repeatedly in the face.’

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