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Haiti holds a day of mourning over death of Alexander McQueen

Eearthquake-battered Haiti is to hold a day of mourning following the death of fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

Though the beleagured country was all but destroyed by a recent earthquake, the people of Haiti have been quick to recognise the global significance of a passing fashion designer.

‘When we saw the amount of coverage the BBC was giving the story, we knew how important this event was for the world,’ said Hope, 9, who is suspending the search for her parents for a day, in order to pay homage to a man who made clothes for celebrities.  ‘If the BBC news editors think one fashion designer’s life is worth more than two British soldiers, or thousands of Haitians, who am I to call it small-minded and parochial,’ said the amazingly articulate nine year old.


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Posted: Feb 13th, 2010 by admin

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