Public waste police time complaining about burglars, road accidents and even murders, says Scotland Yard spokesman

A woman phoned the police last year, saying she had witnessed a murder, Scotland Yard revealed last night. This was just one of the many nuisance calls the police receive from the public on a regular basis, a spokesman complained.

‘It’s not unusual for the public to phone us up, often late at night, and moan about a burglar, or a killing, and expect us to do something about it,’ he told the audience. ‘We can laugh about it now, but one pensioner even phoned to report that a brothel across the road from here was using illegal immigrants as sex slaves.’

When the laughter died down, Met Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson explained that there is a very real cost to the nuisance calls. ‘We are being distracted from our core duties. Every time some member of the public phones and complains about a murder, a Met Police officer has to tear himself away from his real work, and explain, very patiently, that this sort of thing is a civil matter.’

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