Nokia criticised for new flick-knife/mobile phone hybrid

Consumer groups have hit-out at Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia’s latest release, the sharp-phone. The model includes a retractable 5-inch blade, which flicks out on pressing * followed by the # key.
Stuff magazine’s advance review of the phone noted that it also includes ‘literally all porn for free’ and has ‘wicked’ ringtones which simultaneously ‘sound like the worst music ever recorded’, a quote from Catherine Tate, and a mate calling one a ‘Slaaaaaaaag!’.

The company refutes allegations that the model is aimed at inner-city teenagers, claiming instead that it will appeal to fishermen, the under fives and people with small pockets.

Dominic Brady, chair of the knife safety charity ‘Safer Teens About Britain’ said that this claim was unconvincing given that each phone comes with a free Dizzee Rascal brand kebab. He did, on a conciliatory note, add that he would be buying one for each of his children for their own protection.


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