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TV reporter sues employer over ‘arm RSI’

A 47 year old regional television reporter has launched a compensation claim against his bosses, claiming their desire for more visually exciting pieces to camera have left him unable to use his arms properly.

David Shapwick, who works for the Tyne Tees franchise, says he can no longer lift bottles of wine from the shelves or carry his baby daughter, because of extreme levels of pain in his biceps and triceps.
His contention is that the discomfort’s been caused by editors telling him to wave his arms around like a mad thing when doing as narrative piece to camera.

‘When I first started, all a reporter needed was the ability to walk and talk at the same time. Now you have to walk along delivering your lines while flailing your arms around like a demonic windmill.’ His case is being backed by the BBC presenter Andrew Marr, famous for actually extending the length of his arms during his TV career through over demonstrative gestures.

Mr Shapwick is claiming GBP800,000 compensation in a claim lodged with Newcastle County Court. A fellow local TV presenter reporting on the story did a piece to camera outside the courtroom, and was later admitted to hospital with severely sprained arm muscles.


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Posted: Feb 24th, 2010 by Guest

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