Sardine deaths expose illegal trafficking ring

Marine traffickers are thought to be responsible for the deaths of twelve sardines recovered from a supermarket shelf in Reigate, Surrey on Wednesday afternoon.

The family of fish, thought to have come from Portugal were found huddled together in a 3×2 inch sealed metal container following a routine shopping expedition.
Following a hazardous sea journey that would have taken several days, it is thought the fish had eventually arrived at the supermarket in the back of a lorry, before being dumped in a cardboard box behind Cost Cutters warehouse just off Brandon Avenue.

‘The conditions inside that tin were appalling’ said Colin Savina from rescue team Codwatch ‘they had no air, no food or water, just some pureed tomato juice to live on. No one could have survived that journey but sadly this sort of thing is happening all the time.’

Attempts to revive the fish failed and they were pronounced dead at the scene.
When asked if he thought the fish would have been gutted to end up like this, Savina replied:
’No, with this type you can eat the bones as well.’

Edward Hack

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