Chilcott enquiry learns that Iraq War was started by Harry Hill shouting ‘Fight!’

Tony Blair has claimed that the final decision to proceed with war against Saddam Hussein was not taken by himself or George Bush, but by ITV comic Harry Hill. The large-collared presenter was approaching the mid-point in his popular clip show ‘TV Burp’ when he mused about the two alternatives facing the unstable but oil-rich region.

‘Hmmmm…. I like the idea of strong and united Iraq acting as a counter-balance to the Revolutionary Islamic Republic of Iran. But I also like the idea of democratic Iraq without Saddam Hussein who may have Weapons of Mass Destruction. Which is best? There’s only one way to find out…. FIGHT!’

Allied forces then launched an all-out assault against Iraq in a war that split the United Nations, the European Community and the Labour Party and which has continued to cause controversy ever since. It was only ended when Saddam Hussein was toppled from power, the entire country was occupied by US and British forces and Harry Hill had said ‘See you after the break.’

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