Dogs to lose legs in 100 years say geneticists

Some species of dogs will lose their legs in the next century, according to research by scientists published in the journal Nature.

Their findings are based on the fashion for small dogs like Chihuahuas, Chows and West Highland Terriers being carried about by celebrity owners.

‘The use of limbs is vital to a mammals ability to maintain a healthy gene pool.’ Professor Rick Gimmer from the University of Nebraska said. ‘Our hypothesis is that with a growing trend amongst celebrities to own dogs they can put in their handbags or just carry as an accessory, canine species popular for this fashion will lose the use of their legs in 100 years or so.’

Their suggestion would see certain breeds rendered completely useless and unable to fend for themselves, becoming totally reliant on their human owners for feeding and cleaning. They would also be restricted to being bred in laboratories, which would at least stop them humping legs.

‘We feel this should be a warning. While we’re all concentrating on saving animals like the Giant Panda, we’re ignoring the very real threat humans are creating for their best friends.’

‘I mean, everyone likes a dachshund, or weiner dog as we call them, but if we’re right, you might as well just drag a weiner around with you, like Cheryl Cole or Elin Nordgren have been doing.’


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