Iran to make ‘fun-size’ nuclear weapons

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has announced a breakthrough in negotiations whereby Iran will only develop ‘fun-size’ nuclear weapons rather than the full-blown weapons of mass destruction.

Under the proposal, Iran will begin to enrich weapons grade uranium to 90% but will only use it in the smaller ‘fun-size’ nuclear weapons. ‘Iran will develop small nuclear weapons with the capacity to blow up a medium size settlement only.’ Mr Ahmadinejad announced, ‘Iran is a relatively peaceful country. We have no desire to wipe out an entire nation with just one bomb, no matter how many Jews are living there.’

While China welcomed the move as proof that a diplomatic resolution is possible, the remaining P5+1 members remain sceptical. The US defence secretary has warned that if Iran proceeded with this breach of United Nations Security Council resolutions, the UN would have no alternative than to debate the possibility of drafting a very strongly worded letter of protest.


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