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Dr Who complains of ‘ageist attitudes’ on Earth

In his first interview since his recent regeneration, Dr Who has complained of encountering incipient ageism. ‘When I came round to find I was in my twenties again I was made up. I stopped forgetting where I’d left the TARDIS keys and those frequent trips to the loo became a thing of the past.’

However, he soon realised it was all not all good news. ‘The first thing that people said when I told them ‘I am The Doctor’ was “Oh, aren’t you a bit young dear?”.’ he complained. ’Last week I tried to warn the UN Security Council that a comet that was about to hit the Earth, but they just told me ‘That’s interesting son, run along now and leave saving the planet to the grown-ups.’

He may yet have the last laugh however. ‘The next time the Cybermen turn up I might just pretend I was too busy on Facebook or texting to save the day.’

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Posted: Mar 14th, 2010 by Quaz

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