Government hail green shoots of recovery as office scrounger borrows less than forecast

Downing Street excitedly claimed that the economy was back on the road to recovery today following reports from office workers that Canary Wharf colleague Jonathan Leadbetter had paid for a round of drinks without poncing off his mates.

Leadbetter’s legendary borrowing in the current financial year slowed from a record high of £50 to £10 despite fellow drinkers forecasting he could never cut his deficit. ‘We’re accustomed to Jonathan ordering at the bar, albeit belatedly, then patting his pockets and saying: ‘Can you help me out here, I’ll see you all right tomorrow’,’ said a colleague. ‘When we saw he was about to splash the jolly old cash we all ordered Flaming Ferraris. Woohoo! Recession? What recession?’

The Cabinet celebrated by heading to a House of Commons bar, where they were informed they would no longer be allowed to purchase drinks on credit.


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