Planning permission loophole scuppers crucifixion of Jesus

Would've been a nice day for it, too

Would've been a nice day for it, too

There were confused scenes at the Sanhedrin today when Jesus Christ was freed after it transpired that planning laws prevented the erection at Calvary of temporary or permanent structures, such as large wooden crosses, without proper consultation.

‘The whole trial was a sham,’ said counsel for the defence.  ‘Firstly, there was the issue of my client’s human rights – clearly an execution is not in his best long-term interests.  Secondly, the manner of his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane stinks of entrapment.  But the lack of planning permission just shows how little respect these people have for the law.’

Strangely, the reprieved man was visibly upset by his unexpected release.  ‘This has really ruined my holiday weekend plans.  I don’t know what my Father is going to say.’

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