Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie forced to sign sex offenders register

Demonstrated poor technique, said the girls

Demonstrated poor technique, said the girls

A Crown Court judge today branded Georgie Porgie ‘a sexual predator who forced himself on women’ after he admitted to kissing several girls and making them cry.  He was also labelled a coward after it emerged that his reign of terror came to a swift end the moment the boys came out to play.

‘I don’t know why he wasn’t stopped earlier,’ said the judge. ‘Children and parents seem to have known about this character for years.  Didn’t anyone think to do a CRB check?’

The news comes just days after the Grand Old Duke of York was also put on the sex offenders register.  Following his dismissal by a military tribunal for pointlessly marching his men up and down hills, a honey-trap sting for Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’ programme overheard him bragging to colleagues that ‘When they were up, they were UP!’

By MADJEZ (hat-tip to Zadok)

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