Prime Minister expected to regenerate in May

outside that little fantasy box, no-one can hear the electorate scream

The government has announced that the current star of the long-running drama ‘The Prime Minister’ is to step down due to poor ratings. It is widely anticipated that the role will be taken over by a new younger actor from May, although sceptics confidently predict that the new format will still attract a smaller audience than ‘The Antiques Roadshow’.

‘The role, currently played by Scottish actor Gordon Brown, has left fans feeling it has lacked direction since popular heartthrob Tony Blair stepped down in 2007,’ said a spokesman for obscure cult fan group, the Labour Party. ‘At the time fans felt cheated that rather than have the PM regenerate as was the custom, his assistant merely took over the lead part, despite being one of the least popular side-kicks since Joseph Goebbels.

‘Brown’s storylines involving his fiscal policies have proved similarly unpopular, with critics remarking that he leaves the British economy rather like the TARDIS – doesn’t look too big from the outside and actually conceals a vast empty space.’

Hotly tipped to succeed Brown, David Cameron is expected to bring some youthful enthusiasm to the role and despite his lack of experience as a leading man, has made no secret that he feels eminently qualified to save the world. The leader of the Liberal Democrats is considered a rank outsider to take the part, despite the obvious appeal of re-naming the franchise ‘Nick Who?’

‘Older viewers are hoping for a return to the show’s heyday, when the terrifying automaton Margaret Thatcher regularly made viewers hide behind the sofa,’ said BBC political editor Nick Robinson over a period of nearly 10 minutes. ‘But it still remains to be seen if, when one Prime Minister morphs into another, whether or not the electorate will actually be able to tell the difference between the two.’


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