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Are you snowed under with charity collection bags that have been posted through your door? Have you given everything that you want to give away, away? Not sure what to do with the rest of them?

We at BagAid need your help! Just collect up all those charity collection bags that have been put through your door and pop them in the BagAid Charity Collection Bag Charity Collection Bag that will shortly be delivered through your door, then pop them on the doorstep and we’ll do the rest.

Just one bag, with a hole cut in the top and holes for arms can make a nearly watertight tabbard for an Asian child suffering in the monsoon. Just two charity collection bags, held together with twine can make a bit of a tent for someone who really needs one. Just think what we could do with lots and lots of unwanted Charity Collection bags. Er. Well, just THINK.

Don’t use them to keep landfill sites dry and warm, they’re like sooo needed in the third world. You see, we really CAN make a difference even if it’s just for one day!. They really AREN’T useless.

Remember, don’t bin them, BagAid them! We’ll collect them and make good use of them, and we’ll even give you a free plastic pen.

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