Crisis as ‘deus ex machina’ breaks down

Science fiction writers are meeting in Los Angeles today to discuss the implications to their craft after the ‘god in the machine’ developed a fault last weekend.

According to the editor of Stargrazer, Byron Stevenson, the problem begain with a strange knocking sound. Within a day, writers all over the US were unable to resolve complicated plot arcs and mythos cycles.

The crisis is also impacting Hollywood screenwriters. ‘I was expecting Arnie to come crashing in on a gigantic CGI robot and save the day in my latest movie,’ complained one, ‘but all I got was this weird squeaking, followed by a clonk, then nothing.’

Even Dr Who screenwriter Russell T. Davies is baffled. However, he said,  ‘we’re confident that something will come along soon to sort things out.  Hopefully with red hair and dressed as a policewoman in a mini-skirt’.

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