Gordon Ramsay flies in to save ailing restaurant only to discover it is one of his own

Gordon Ramsay was left red-faced during production of the latest series of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ when the establishment he was asked to save turned out to be his signature Chelsea restaurant.

‘When Gordon heard about a formerly popular London eaterie whose owner had been too busy appearing on the Alan Titchmarsh show to put in a shift in the kitchen, it sounded like the perfect place for him to visit,’ said a former researcher from her hospital bed.

‘But when he burst through the doors demanding to meet the ‘f***ing w***er who need to grow a pair of f***ing b***cks and get on the f***ing business end of a f***ing frying pan’, his sommelier burst into tears and embraced him like a lost son.’

Ramsay immediately challenged himself to cook a lobster linguine, which he then dismissed as ‘overpriced s***e I wouldn’t use to wipe my a**e’ and suggested the restaurant relaunch as a Pizza Express.


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