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Singing insurance salesman found in wardrobe at finishing school

Police in Zurich this evening arrested an Italian opera singer who was found to have concealed himself in a wardrobe in a girls’ finishing school.

The moustachioed man, in full evening dress, who gave his name as Giovanni Compare, claimed that he was going to surprise the young ladies by singing for them with the intention of selling them some car insurance.

This is not Compare’s first offence. He was deported from the UK earlier this year for breaking the terms of an ASBO when members of the public complained that, despite warnings, he was still singing through their letterboxes at the top of his voice.
 Luckily, the police were on the scene within minutes as a teacher at the school had already reported that the wardrobe had been delivered earlier by two suspicious looking meerkats.


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Posted: Apr 18th, 2010 by NewsBiscuit

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