Is Brown doing enough for the kip-on-your-sofa long-term home guest, asks Bumsnet

not enough sofa to go around

Bumsnet, the radical new online pressure group for men who sleep on your sofa, has raised serious questions about the stewardship of Gordon Brown.

The cyber rattling web site, which has empowered the community of blokes who are sleeping on your sofa until they can get their shit together, now represents a powerful demographic in the UK. They typically have a wealth of disposable income (although none for rent, or even tea bags) and plenty of time on their hands. Armed with access to your PC, while you are at work, and a broadband connection, they are becoming increasingly active on the political scene.

The typical member of Bumsnet is a high intelligence under achiever, who can see exactly where Gordon Brown and David Cameron are going wrong and could run rings round both of them, intellectually. But he won’t be arsed to do anything about it, because the sheer futility of struggle bores him.

Thanks to the Internet, however, members of Bumsnet can put on an impressive display of moral exhibitionism to complete strangers, who are totally oblivious to their shortcomings and history of no shows. ‘Cyber space is the perfect environment for the know it all, now that their traditional home, the British pub, is gradually being erased from the landscape,’ said an expert, ‘in fact, many are thriving online, and have become Internet Forum hardmen.’

It was such a group that formed Bumsnet, a pressure group for men who know better, but still inexplicably live on your sofa and sponge off you. Bumsnet quickly harnessed all of Britain’s community of know it alls into one coherent voice. It quickly gained a reputation as a forum for men of a certain kind – men who liked to start arguments about the big issues of the day, who weren’t afraid to put themselves online, who knew where the CAPS LOCK key was, AND WEREN’T AFRAID TO USE IT!

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