New evidence suggests Jeremy Beadle may have been behind 9/11

Sensational video footage has appeared raising the possibility that the destruction of the World Trade Centre could have been the work of TV prankster Jeremy Beadle. The camcorder images show Beadle standing by the Twin Towers disguised as an Arab and wearing an unconvincing fake beard. ‘At the time we all thought it was Osama Bin Laden,’ said a FBI source, ‘but it looks like the whole thing was orchestrated by this man, Beadle.’

It is thought that Beadle had intended the stunt as an amusing prank for an ITV show, ‘Hijackers do the Funniest Things’ – a last ditch attempt to rekindle his 1980s success with a darker, geopolitical edge. Originally the planes were only supposed to fly around the towers but the hijackers decided to martyr themselves in the hope of receiving a £250 reward if Beadle used the footage.

‘These allegations are grossly unfair,’ said Beadle’s agent, ‘Jeremy is no longer around to defend himself and there are plenty of other suspects still in the frame. I still have my money on Noel Edmonds.’


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