NASA Sun telescope reveals giant hamster running in wheel

The world of science has been stunned today after NASA published detailed images of the inside of the Sun revealing a monumentally large hamster running in a wheel.

Head of the Solar Dynamics Observatory, Professor Gulam Persaud, said: ‘For the first time we have been able to look deep into the Sun and what we have discovered is a very large hamster. To be honest this was unexpected. We thought we would be looking at a colossal nuclear reaction, so science has been somewhat rocked by our discovery.’

‘We believe the hamster is around 100 times the size of the Earth,’ said Professor Persaud, ‘although we have no idea where it came from or who manufactured the giant wheel in which it runs. I am particularly concerned about the size of the sunflower seeds that it feeds on. If one of those escaped the gravitational pull of the Sun, it could completely obliterate the Earth.’

An emergency summit of world leaders has been called to discuss whether or not to make contact with the hamster. Many fear that if it were distracted the hamster might stop running thereby bringing the Solar System to a halt. ‘I owned several hamsters during my formative years,’ said Prime Minister Gordon Brown ‘so I feel very much at home with them. I have every confidence that my experience will help to save the world.’

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