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With all the talk of the election it’s easy to forget what’s gone before so in this election special NewsBiscuit revisits some of the outstanding political moments of the last few years. It will either reinforce those choices you made or help you permanently regret that decision which you never acted on to leave the country all those years ago and never return. But you might have gone to Greece, so it could have been worse. A bit.

Lord Mandelson plans human sacrifices to appease business gods Brown denies policy U-turn was inspired by visits from three ghosts Prime Minister refers Honourable Gentleman to hand, face not listening Government
agrees rescue package for snowmen
Woman next to Brown on flight home ‘just wouldn’t f***ing shut up’ about
the economy
Government to be outsourced to Tesco
‘Waiting for Gordo’ is West End smash Brown
‘desperately holding out for major terrorist attack or something’
Alan Sugar tells Gordon Brown ‘You’re fired’ Mervyn King to accompany PM everywhere and contradict him in real-time
launches massive closing-down sale
Balls announces Hindsight to be taught in schools New look Brown returns from holiday as Lord Mandelson goes missing Labour manifesto includes free mind programming CD by Lord Mandelson Brown aide’s death was ‘assisted suicide’
Nov 09

Bonfire night celebrations after discovery of Tory plans to destroy European Parliament

Jan 10

Cameron kicks off election campaign by blacking up

Mar 10

Cameron must stop cuddling us, say senior aides

Apr 10

Launch of Samantha Cameron swimwear range ‘not politically motivated’

Apr 10

Cameron goes for the double by entering ‘Over the Rainbow’

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Posted: Apr 27th, 2010 by admin

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