Jesus has Beckham tattoo

Jesus may have been fully clothed in Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic painting The Last Supper, but, after the masterpiece was being flown back to the Santa Maria delle Grazie, following restoration work, the full body scanners at Milan airport have revealed that the Son of God was originally painted sporting a David Beckham tattoo on his left bicep.

Art critic Brian Sewell said this amazing discovery offers ‘much greater realism and depth’. He added: ‘What we now know is that all the apostles are having different reactions to the news that Jesus has had the Beckham tattoo. Peter is angry, perhaps because the new technology shows that he has also had ‘a Beckham’, and no-one likes a copycat. The really interesting point is that in Jesus’ tattoo, Beckham is weeping; maybe because his hair has been cut quite short and is not very stylish.’

Underneath the tattoo, written in Latin, are the words ‘Great White Hope’. Leonardo, who played the lyre and was a great lover of puzzles, is thought to have sought inspiration from some lesser known Old Testament verses from the prophet Isaiah: ‘Verily I say unto you, a great white hope will appear in the West. For he will not have feet of clay, but will instead be nimble and wear Nikes. He will vanquish God’s enemies, particularly those cheating Portuguese bastards.’


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