Saul of Tarsus has forgotten his roots after Damascene conversion, friends claim

Saul of Tarsus has been accused of ‘blanking his old mates’ since getting his big break while on the road to Damascus. ‘Once he was a regular Pharisee,’ complained one furious ex pal, ‘but since his highly publicised conversion, he’s become a changed man. Suddenly, he thinks he’s Bertie Big Bollocks.’

‘Saul was once about as Pharisee as you could get,’ claimed another acquaintance. ‘He enjoyed simple pleasures, such as swinging his sword and feeding his lions. Like many a son of Tarsus, he enjoyed the odd day trip to Damascus, and bathing in Christian blood. But now he’s in the spotlight and speaking in tongues and that – well, he thinks he’s too good for the likes of us.’

For his part Saul, who now wants to be known as Paul, has no regrets about coming out as a Christian. ‘I always felt like I was an apostle trapped in a man’s body,’ he said. ‘OK, I once said I’d rather be a swine that a Christian, but that was the old me speaking. ‘Why shouldn’t I better myself? We just don’t like winners in this country do we?’

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