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Gordon Brown to unveil statue of Harold Shipman in effort to win Rochdale voters

Gordon Brown has announced he will taken personal charge of all Labour Party strategy this morning in an effort to improve his party’s popularity and began his fightback by unveiling a statue to the well known local doctor Harold Shipman. ‘At a time when the NHS is coming in for a great deal of criticism, I understand this Dr Shipman chap did a great deal to reduce hospital waiting lists in the North West.’

Mr Brown went on to say that it was a great privilege to be in Yorkshire, but that he couldn’t stay long as he was going on Mumsnet to announce an OBE for famous mother Rosemary West.

Standing below the image of the famous doctor, the Prime Minister announced ‘I thought he deserved his own statue, when one of my team told me I was now as popular as Harold Shipman. He must have been quite a guy!’

Edward Hack (hat tip to Mighty Blair)

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Posted: Apr 29th, 2010 by Guest

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