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Nick Griffin in humiliating climbdown as mic broadcasts ‘moderate Muslim’ gaffe

'should be ashamed of himself,' say party membersThe leader of the British National Party was forced to make a grovelling apology to his party faithful yesterday after an offhand remark extolling the virtues of multi-culturalism in the privacy of his car was inadvertently broadcast to surrounding media. ‘Nick had just been addressing a conference of white van men when he was approached by a local Muslim gentleman, trying to engage Mr Griffin in a debate about the BNP’s stance on Islamic immigration,’ said Griffin’s closest aide, B Manning. ‘The cameras were rolling, so naturally Nick spewed forth about the colonisation of Britain by Islamic extremists.

‘But not realising that his mic was still live, once he was in the assumed privacy of his car, he started waxing lyrical about the need for intelligent debate on immigration, what a great shame it was that a whole faith was tarred by the actions of an extreme minority and how fetching he thought Mrs Griffin would look in a burka.’

'Unmissable. Five Stars! Must watch DVD' - The Voice of Freedom Griffin’s tolerant outbursts have long been an open secret within the BNP, with many disgruntled former members telling of his legendary ‘rainbow suppers’, extensive Cosby Show DVD collection and strict observance of the Jewish Sabbath. His extensive legal wrangle to prevent the publication of a climate change leaflet he wrote as a student member of Greenpeace has become the stuff of legal folkore, with Griffin insisting his adult life should remain untainted by the follies of youth when ‘everyone was experimenting’.

But yesterday’s gaffe has only strengthened feeling within his party that Griffin’s days are numbered. ‘It’s time Nick stepped aside and let someone more credible run the show. Like Jim Davidson,’ said an anonymous source, who didn’t wished to be unhooded. ‘At the end of the day, he’s never going to get elected. I mean, who in their right mind would vote for a leader whose eyes don’t even point in the same direction?’

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Posted: Apr 29th, 2010 by Mary Evans

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