‘Don’t blame me’ says Nick Griffin’s black, Muslim father

Nick Griffin’s father held a press conference yesterday to ask the British public not to blame him for the way his son has turned out. Mohammed al-Hamra Griffin, 79, a Nigerian Muslim who emigrated to Britain in the 1950s, claimed that he had done his best to bring his son up to be a model citizen but was unable to stop him ‘falling in with a bad crowd’ after leaving home.

‘I did my best, I really did’, said the elderly Mr Griffin. ‘I taught him about tolerance, justice, and how to be sympathetic and loving to other people. I taught him about the contribution that immigrants have made to British life over the centuries. I even tried to bring him up as a Muslim, but as soon as he left home he forgot all about it – I am so sorry’.

According to his father, Nick Griffin’s shortcomings became apparent at an early age. ‘As soon as he was old enough he would spend hours at football matches or down the pub, drinking with all his skinhead friends. Pretty soon he didn’t have time for his family or for his old friends like Samuel, the rabbi’s son, or David, the gay chap from across the road. Suddenly they weren’t good enough for him any more, it was so sad.’

Mohammed Griffin denied that he or his family have been the cause of Nick Griffin’s political views. ‘I always tried to bring him up to be a model citizen, but his mother didn’t help – that’s the last time I have an affair with a benefit-scrounging, asylum-seeking atheist, I can tell you.’

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