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Betting scam latest; Prime Minister agreed to throw election

all bets are now offShock allegations in The News Of The World have revealed that Labour leader Gordon Brown agreed to a bribe to deliberately lose the 2010 general election. Hidden camera footage implicates the Prime Minister in the audacious betting scam which reveals him and chancellor Alistair Darling in a secret meeting with shady businessmen discussing potential payments.

In the poor quality film, Brown can be seen to explain how an election might be deliberately thrown while Darling tries to agree a price with the unidentified men, thought to be part of a criminal betting syndicate. The footage is thought to have been filmed several years ago since when the PM has seen his ratings plummet in response to numerous politically damaging events. Analysts are now reviewing the financial meltdown, the MPs expenses scandal and most recently Brown’s widely publicised ‘bigot’ comment to determine whether there was any element of deliberate sabotage on behalf of the PM.

An insider raised further concerns about whether an illicit deal had been made. ‘Supporters within the party have been privately dismayed and confused at Gordon Brown’s performance in the last 18 months and it is only natural that this revelation will prompt voters to question whether major political failings have been engineered to provoke a fall in popularity.’

The Prime Minister reacted angrily to the accusations, saying he had only agreed to the idea to escape from the room. ‘It was awful in there, I was frightened. I just wanted to get away from Alistair Darling.’

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Posted: May 2nd, 2010 by Guest

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