Facebook reunites man with ex-colleague’s father-in-law’s brother in Poland

Wojtek likes this

Wojtek likes this

Jim Morris of Kendal expressed delight yesterday after a friend suggestion on social networking site Facebook finally enabled him to see how Wojtek Skrwpecki, an ex-colleague’s father-in-law’s brother who lives in Poland, was getting on these days.

‘You know how it is,’ said Jim.  ‘You promise to keep in touch with someone you worked with five years ago, but you get busy and hardly ever stop to think that they once mentioned they had a wife whose father’s brother lived in Poland.  It’s sad really, but thanks to Facebook this kind of tragedy can be avoided.’

Jim is now making up for lost time by taking the opportunity to follow the progress of his ex-colleague’s father-in-law’s brother in ‘Name the 1980s Solidarity leader’ quizzes, view pictures of family barbecues featuring other relations of his ex-colleague’s wife’s father, and enjoy Mr Skrwpecki’s regular status updates in Polish.

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