Isle of Wight expected to return Whig candidate to Parliament for 52nd time

Was at school with Menzies Campbell

Was at school with Menzies Campbell

Still fuming about the Jacobite uprising, Isle of Wight residents are expected to return George Fox to his traditional Parliamentary seat on Thursday for the 52nd consecutive general election. Mr Fox has been representing the island since 1715, despite dying shortly after Christmas in 1762.

‘We’ve never had cause to complain about his behaviour, at least not in living memory,’ said Maude Fettle, local party member and part-time nurse at the Ryde Typhus Clinic. ‘We are proud to boast that his expenses claims in 2009 amounted to little more than £240 for such essentials as a new morning suit and a couple of fresh bottles of formaldehyde.’

Experts admit that the struggle for the opposition parties to gain a foothold among the island’s 147 registered voters has not been helped by their campaigning on a platform of change.

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