Sugababes in legal battle over talent

Any or all of these women may or may not be Sugababes

Current and former members of girl band The Sugababes have begun a legal battle to determine who is entitled to claim the group’s limited remaining talent.

The lineup of the group has changed several times over the years,  and original member Mutya Buena now asserts that she took the band’s talent with her when she left in 2005. But the current members dispute this, insisting that they are rightfully entitled to any remaining talent associated with the name ‘Sugababes’.

“I know some people say we’re just three leggy birds who sing irritating, repetitive tunes and have funny names,” said current Sugababe Amelle Berrabah. “But the truth is we sell truckloads of singles regardless of how good our songs are, our last album got to number 14 in the chart, and one of us came fifth at the Eurovision. If that’s not talent in today’s music business I don’t know what is.”

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