Surprise vegetarian dinner guest welcomed by unflustered hostess

In an incident believed to be the first of its kind, an unexpected vegetarian has been welcomed and fed ‘without any hassle’ by a woman in Devon.

Jean Skinner, 46, had been expecting her son James,22, and daughter Emily, 18,  to join her for a family dinner on Saturday evening. But events took a dramatic turn when James brought his new girlfriend, Samantha, who soon after arriving identified herself as ‘a vegetarian’.

‘It was a terrifying moment,’ Jean confessed. ‘Just for a second I thought – oh, my God, I don’t have any Quorn or anything made of beans, what am I going to do? But then I realised that I was making a mushroom risotto, so she had some of  that, just like the rest of us. She was very polite  and it was no bother at all, really.’

Jean’s courage has captivated the nation and is set to transform the way people living with vegetarianism are portrayed in the media. ‘I wouldn’t say I was especially brave,’ Jean protests. ‘I just thought to myself, if William Hague and Nick Clegg can share a 155-room grace-and-favour residence for the sake of the national interest, then I can feed this girl without making a fuss about her condition, bless her. Still, I hope James gives her the flick anyway – it’s all very well caring about how they slaughter the little lambs, but I’m not having any grandson of mine grow up on lentils and celery, I’ll tell you that much.’

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