3D images of honeybee colony reveal it is totally full of bees

Scientists have been blown away by the results of a new 3D technology which reveals that honeybee colonies are full of bees. ‘When we saw the pictures we simply couldn’t believe it,’ said entomologist Professor Chester Benson, ‘the whole thing is quite literally teeming with bees. There are loads of them.’

The new technique, known as Diagnostic Radioentomology, has already revealed what the team at Bath University are describing as ‘lots and lots of bees.’

‘We never imagined there would be so many,’ said one researcher, ‘maybe a small family of two or three bees living together in a little house. But there are hundreds and hundreds of them. Nobody expected that.’

The technique has been welcomed by researchers because it is non-invasive. ‘Previously we had to whack the hive with a stick before running away and counting the bees that chased us,’ said Professor Benson, ‘this new system is such a relief.’

It is hoped that the 3D technology will provide a clue to the mystery of Britain’s declining bee population. ‘Our research shows that there is no shortage of bees,’ insisted Professor Benson, ‘the hives are crammed full of them. I can only assume that they are all just very very lazy.’

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