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Stranded BA passengers praise human traffickers for getting them home

BA passengers stuck in far flung destinations such as Thailand, Australia and Iraq have praised the work of human trafficking gangs in getting them safely back to Britain.

‘Not only did they get me home on time,’ said Tracy Cox from Canvey Island, ‘but, as part of the deal, they also got me a job as a nanny.’

‘Being strapped to the undercarriage of a coach wasn’t as bad as I had imagined,’ said 83 year old Margaret Meadows, speaking from her new workplace at the ‘Oriental Flower’ massage parlour in Wolverhampton, ‘the traffickers were so nice and I have had a wonderful journey, travelling through many countries that I never expected to visit.’

Chartered Accountant, David Marshall, summed it all up by saying: ‘I got window seats, warm meals and all my luggage arrived on time at the same destination. Even the twelve bags of heroin I had shoved up my bottom was handled with sensitivity and care. British Airways has a lot to learn.’

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Posted: Jun 5th, 2010 by Thackeray

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