still waiting for Microsoft Private Browsing boost was shocked at the lack of impact from a high-profile ad campaign from Microsoft promoting the new Private Browsing feature on Internet Explorer. ‘We thought this was what men on the internet were waiting for,’ bemoaned CEO Lisa Noonan.

The struggling online retail executive had thought that the advertised Microsoft privacy feature, showing a shifty-looking man finally able to spend money on the internet in secret, would ignite the market for secret gifts for spouses, ‘afterall why else would he not want his wife knowing his browsing history?’, and also supported research showing that many husbands complained of the lack of romance involved in having their wife discover their purchases while casually analysing their every move on the internet.

‘My husband and business partner is just as surprised at the lack of effect on the business of the new browser as I am,’ continued Noonan, ‘or at least I assume he is. Since he got IE 8 I haven’t been able to get him out of his office. I expect I’ll be due for a lovely surprise any day now!’

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