Pharmaceutical companies cashing in ahead of feared ‘World Cup fever’ outbreak

Pharmaceutical companies welcomed a decision by UK authorities to spend millions of pounds on medication to counter an imminent threat of ‘World Cup Fever’.

The Department of Health sanctioned the spending after statistics were presented by representatives of the major drug companies that showed an alarming rise in sick days experienced in mid-June every four years. The statistics showed that millions of sufferers were often struck down simultaneously on workday afternoons and would often be unable to return to work the next day, experiencing symptoms of a severity usually only seen in tropical birds such as parrots.

However devolved governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland slammed the spending, with spokesmen questioning whether such a thing as the World Cup even existed. International experts also suggested the action was alarmist, as even a severe outbreak of World Cup fever in heavily populated parts of England would as usual blow itself out after a couple of weeks.


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