Greens plan self-righteous bus stops for Brighton

Green Party activists in Brighton are taking steps to ensure that they are not being mistaken for regular public transport users, when using the bus to actually make a statement.

‘I make a six-figure salary working for an ad agency on its BP account,’ explained one local resident supporting the decision, ‘I can certainly afford a luxury car. I’d hate for people to think I’m using the bus because I’m poor and not in a position to make an informed political choice.’

Newly elected Green MP Caroline Lucas is to order a secondary network of bus stops to be built ten yards down the road from existing shelters which will feature hoardings images of sad-looking polar bears instead of the more traditional advertising for alcopops and internet bingo that are known to intimidate their more sensitive supporters.

The local Green Party is also to distribute new hybrid-only car stickers for members to place on the back of their Priuses that boast ‘My other mode of sustainable carbon-neutral urban transport is a bicycle.’


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