Murdered have-a-go hero was less appalling punter than most, says working girl

Nottingham prostitute Kelly Sharples, 38, has paid an unemotional tribute to have-a-go hero George Watson, who was shot dead in a jewellers shop last week. Watson, 59, had been paying Sharples for sex once a fortnight for the past three years.

Watson had been getting a battery fixed in his watch in a branch of Ernest Jones when a masked gunman burst in and ordered staff to empty the window trays into a bag. Witnesses said he tried to tackle the gunman and was killed when the gun went off by accident, but Sharples is convinced that the timid claims adjuster, who spent six months kerb crawling before plucking up the courage to speak to her, was panicking.

‘He was an OK punter,’ she told reporters. ‘He paid up in cash and didn’t ask for anal. He once started banging on about his allotment but to be fair he shut up and left when I tapped on the clock. I have to say, if I must spend my life turning tricks to feed my drug dependency, I would be marginally less suicidal if they were all like him.’


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