‘Breathing harmful to health’ experts warn

Health experts in California warned today that breathing can have a harmful effect on health, far outweighing the positive benefits of providing oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide.

‘With each breath, the average human inhales millions of random microbes from the air,’ said Dr. Alvin J. Flywell III. ‘Any of these can pose major health threats, from low level cold and influenza, to more serious viral conditions.’

‘Furthermore, repeated flexing of the chest muscles, particularly in the rapid breathing required by athletes to produce the performance they need, can result in tissue damage to this area of the chest cavity.’

‘Be very careful where you are when you breathe – avoid contact with crowds and heavily polluted areas and always try to breathe as gently as you can to avoid strains,’ Dr. Flywell advised. ‘Better still; try not to breathe at all.’


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