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CCTV camera awarded Queen’s medal for distinguished service

'You do not have to do anything, but anything you do do...'

A closed-circuit television camera was recognised for its outstanding contribution to policing at a ceremony yesterday. The camera, promoted to Sergeant last year, is stationed above a busy off-licence in Lewisham High Street and has been on the front line of policing since its installation ten years ago.

‘This camera is a key team player,’ said Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson. ‘Without its selfless devotion to duty 24-hours a day, several unsavoury criminals would still be roaming the streets allowing their dogs to foul the pavements.’

‘I’ve walked past the offie several times and nothing unpleasant has ever happened,’ said resident Madeline Richards. ‘It just goes to show how good that camera is.’

It is understood that Sergeant CCTV accepted the award in honour of its friend and colleague, Private CCTV, who was struck down in service last month when a bus hit its lamppost.

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Posted: Jul 6th, 2010 by Stan

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