Raoul Moat joins police in search for Raoul Moat

Helping the police with their inquiries

Helping the police with their inquiries

Northumbria police’s temporary chief constable, Sue Sim, announced this morning that suspected gunman Raoul Moat had joined police officers in their continuing hunt for suspected gunman Raoul Moat.

‘What we need is someone who can get inside the mind of a fugitive killer, and having Raoul Moat on board will really give us an edge in that regard,’ said Ms Sim. ‘With the help of Mr Moat, we believe we are closer than ever to tracking down and arresting Mr Moat. It’s a game of patience, but the noose is definitely tightening.’

The newly-recruited Raoul Moat has been given express orders to shoot himself on sight, and has also been asked to remove his orange T-shirt to make him less visible to his quarry. He remains at large.

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