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eBay crashes as millions of vuvuzelas posted for sale at the same time

The popular auction website has experienced its busiest day ever as 250 million people worldwide posted unwanted vuvuzelas for sale.

The end of the World Cup has seen the market suddenly swamped, with vuvuzela owners hoping the craze will catch on in domestic leagues in Europe and South America. ‘The colour, music and exuberence of the South Africa world cup should be spread around the world’ said one on-line vendor.

However one keen new fan attending his first ever football match in England – a pre-season friendly between Doncaster Rovers and Accrington Stanley was told; ‘Ere mate, you blow that fucking thing in my ear one more fucking time and I’ll shove it down your fucking throat.’

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Posted: Jul 12th, 2010 by MADJEZ

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